A FuMar's Music-Art Happening in a remote location in the Pennines with artist Carol McDermot 12th October 2017

Phil Furneaux

FuMar aim was to compose a new piece.

Carol's aim was to use the experience to paint.

The day was beautiful. The sun was shining which is unusual so the omens were good.

Carol decided that she was going to paint colour swatches. An amazing idea and totally new to me. We played and Carol seemed entranced.

She quotes "As a practicing artist, I was fortunate to be asked to work with the musicians called Fumar, which I did on two occasions. It was a unique experience, bringing focus, clarity and direction to my work. Having live music composed and created at the same time was very inspiring. It seemed to pare everything back to a calm, state of being and where I could paint almost in a state of meditation, enabling me to see and feel things I’ve never experienced before. "

FuMar used the swatches for ideas in chord sequences ..... the music will be published shortly after being mixed 

Many thanks to Ruth Alan for allowing us to use her home.

You tube video will be published shortly.

Here are Carol's colour swatches:



Carol colour catch 1

Phil Furneaux 19th October 2017