Phil Furneaux (saxophone) and Krys Markowski (Piano) met on their first day at University in Manchester and have be good friends since. They spent that first year going to classical concerts in the Free Trade Hall and attending the big rock concerts in the students union and other big Manchester venues. Little did they know that this was the back drop for their coming together in 2010 to play as a duo in the cafes in Paris.

Their friendship is deeply embedded in the music. The trust and security they have allows them to experiment and be innovative. Their past experience of their careers bring a vast range of skills and experience which they put into planning and organising their work.

They feel they have a lot to offer the musical community and are working hard to accomplish their ideas before the “time runs out”!

FuMar’s music has been described by many to be deeply moving and full of emotion. This comes from their full range of life experience and the thought and intensity they put into their play.

Their compositions "Sunday Morning in Paris" 2014 and "Grez on the Water" 2016 were inspired by tragedy. Now they have several commissions in the pipe line.

Their experimentation with classical and jazz fusion is full of surprise and anticipation. The standards are “FuMarised” to give their characteristic quirky style.

The latest project of FuMarAmbience will have repetitive riffs for the sax to improvise over. 

They are very enthusiastic about the FuMarProvisation project as it is so exciting as no-one knows the outcome of the events. 

We hope to see you at some of our concerts!

Phil and Krys
Feb 2017