News release:

Next Happenings: 

Saturday 17th March: Newcastle: venue TBC

Saturday 14th April 2018: Z Arts: Manchester: Manchester with Kurdish Artist Amang Mardokhy and percussionist Arian Sadr and Saz player Azad Hassan

Supported by: CAN Community Arts North West, International Music and Freedom from Torture

Saturday 19th May : Sheffield Art Centre details later

Past  Happenings:

Thursday 9th Nov, The Peer Hat, Manchester with Kurdish Artist Amang Mardokhy and percussionist Arian Sadr and Saz player Azad Hassan

A FuMarProvisation  Happening #6 Short film: youtube link

Saturday 11th Nov: Gregson's Art Centre, Lancaster:  with artist Charlotte Gurran

A FuMarProvisation  Happening #7 (link coming soon)

October 12th in a Pennine Cottage with artist Carol McDermott:

A FuMarProvisation  Happening #5: youtube link

October 14th in Florence Art Centre, Egremont: 

with artist Stephen Warnes and Mike Fulker :

A FuMarProvisation  Happening #4: youtube link

July 15th 2017 in Carlisle with Carol McDermott: 

A FuMarProvisation  Happening #3: YouTube link

June 17th 2017 in Paris with Jeanne Casaril, Viviane Dunn, Eliane Maroun :

A  FuMarprovisation Happening #2: YouTube link

Music Art event with Phil and Kurdish Painter Amang Mardokgy: Video clip

FuMar are organising one to two hour art–music sessions. Any venue considered: Innovative spaces, galleries, co-working spaces, art classrooms. Contact them to find out more.

Promotion video

The Story:

Béatrice Thèves-Engelbach

During FuMar's "Tour de France 2016", the duo was invited to give a private performance at the Paris artist Béatrice Thèves-Engelbach's house. It was an exciting concert with a very intimate atmosphere created in her studio. The following day, Béatrice asked FuMar to musically interpret two works of art from her collection. This challenging new request gave rise to two "prototype" compositions which tried to translate shapes, colours and spatial composition into sound and music. FuMar then performed one of these at a concert in Toulouse. There was an interest from a listener to use FuMar's concept and approach to composing in a publication on art–music projects.

This success inspired the duo to work intensively with Béatrice on planning art–music events, which led to the concept "Fumarprovisation" and the Lancaster Workshop.

FuMar are very grateful for Beatrice's time and patience while working with them on this project.

Landscape On Piano Version3
The photo which Béatrice sent to FuMar which started the project (click the photo for the full version). Painting on a zinc Paris roof tile: Landscape by Marie Deloume. Photo © LouisKend999.
Lancaster Art Music Jpg
Getting ready to improvise to Charlotte Gurren's landscape at FuMar's Lancaster Workshop.
Grid Jpg
"Grid" by Isaac Heard. The music FuMar improvised to this artwork can be found below.

The Proposed Workshop Activities

Art–music workshops take place in art schools and community venues or any innovation space.

Part one: Artists bring their work and FuMar improvise a tune from the artwork, of which a recording is made.

Part two: FuMar play a concert and artists are invited to improvise their own artwork based on the music.

Plenery: The work is compared and discussed.

Follow on: The artwork is photographed and the chosen work is duplicated in the form of a greeting card with a link to the music. These cards can be sold at gigs and other art outlets.


Exciting — no one knows what will happen at any event! These cards will enable artists to become known outside of their local area. The artist will benefit from a small income from the card sales. Meanwhile, FuMar gets to play in lots of different places, enabling their music to become more accessible.

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The music

Listen to some of the music FuMar have improvised to artwork.